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The first thing to remember is that SIS is a service that provides the monitoring data for import into your internal system. With that in mind, it is important to remember that this data is available in the portal and the app and that notifications will have already been transmitted by the time SIS comes in to play. So, which SIS type to use is generally based on how quickly you need to have the information in your internal system.

If your internal system can wait for updates for two or more hours we recommend the Web Service - Scheduled Pickup version of the software integration services. If your internal system requires updates more often than every two hours then it is recommended that you use the Forwarding - Real Time Update version of the software integration services. Also, if you are not using the notifications provided by the MAD Portal, and you are generating your own notifications, you will absolutely want to use forwarding. Otherwise your notifications will often be very late.
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6/4/2018 9:23:43 PM
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Which SIS type is right for me, scheduled pickup or forwarding?

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