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When you scan, or search for, a monitor with the MAD Monitor app you will be presented with several pieces of information including:

Custom Fields: The MAD Portal allows you to add custom fields for each asset type. Any custom field values entered for this asset will be displayed in this listing.

Asset Number: Self-Explanatory but if you do not know where an asset is, so you can scan it, you can get this info by searching for the asset by asset number

Tool Number: Same as above

Type: You create your own asset type list and can assign a type to each asset

Count: The current count and when that count was first reported in

Most Recent Cycle Time: Self explanatory

Temperature: Self-Explanatory

Max Temp SPT: The max temperature since the previous transmission

Max Temperature: The max temperature ever recorded by the monitor

Battery Flag: Set to 1 if there is a battery warning.

Tamper Flag: Set to 1 if the unit is being tampered

Count Offset: Use this if you moved the monitor to a different asset or if you want to retrofit on an asset that already has cycles on it (if desired)

Temperature Offset: Offset the temperature value to simulate placement at a different location in the mold (if desired)

Expected average cycle time: Self explanatory

Charted Average Cycle Time: If someone runs the cycle chart for an asset and they restrict it to a particular date range, this field will show the average cycle time during that range

Calculated average cycle time: Average cycle time calculated by the system

Scanned Location: The location indicated by the last location linking that was done on this asset

GPS Location: The location the scanning device's gps reported when the scan was done (to make sure it is in the spot the QR tag said it was)

Gateway Location: The location that the gateway that relayed this message is set to.

IP Location: The address found when geolocating that gateway based on its ip address

Assigned location: Where the mold is supposed to be / assigned to live at

Owner: The company who owns the mold (useful when running a warehouse with multiple customers)

Created On: The date this asset was added to the system

Modified On: The last time this asset was modified.

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What information can I get by using the MAD Monitor app to scan, or search for, a monitor on a mold / die?

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