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If the mold / die is in an offsite facility there are several options for using the MAD Monitoring system.

If reporting of data is required while the mold is out of your facility, you can use the cellular / lte version of the MAD monitor, or provide the third party with a MAD gateway and ask the third party to connect it to their internet. The cellular edition reports directly to the Red E Innovations data center, bypassing the gateway, and requirement of dealing with the third party, altogether. Optionally, you could provide a cellular hotspot / jetpack to the third party for use with the MAD gateway. Furthermore you could use the cellular edition of the MAD Gateway and ask that it be installed in the facility.

If the reporting of tracked information is not required before the mold returns to your facility, it is possible that the mold will not even need to transmit while gone. Depending on the monitor model and version, at least 64,000 cycle times can be tracked before a transmission is required. In this case nothing is required, other than waiting for the mold/die to return and transmit the updated data. Although, you may want to change the monitor's transmission settings to attempt to conserve battery life while it is out of range.
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If my mold / die / asset is running / stored / being repaired in a different facility, can I still use the MAD Monitoring system?

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