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The battery life of the MAD Monitor is almost completely based on the number of transmissions performed. With this in mind, it is possible to greatly alter the number of years the batteries will last based on the settings used. In general, the MAD Monitor Version 4.3 will last through approximately 40,000 to 80,000 transmission depending on enabled features.

If you are doing 12 transmissions per day that is more than 18 years (although the battery will drain due to length of time as well). If you are transmitting every 20 seconds that is more than 18 days. What we generally suggest is to use the monitor how it will best work for you.

Often this is to set the warning thresholds where you need them and then the largest number of cycles you want to run before getting an update on production and the most minutes you can wait to get a mold's location when it is not producing parts. If, during production, you would like information once every 240 cycles, and when not in production you need a location check in once every 12 hours, you would make those settings. This allows you to get regular updates when parts are being produced and more delayed updates when they aren't. If the mold ran half the year, and was not tracking cycle times, and did 30 second cycles in this configuration the monitor would have approximately 2557 transmissions per year which would give a battery life of more than 31 years.

Of course batteries lose charge even when not operating so the battery will never last this long. We recommend changing them every 5 years if you have not received a battery warning or a missed transmission notification (assuming you have configured those options).

Additionally, if cycle times are being tracked the amount of data transmitted is greatly increased. Every ten cycle times requires as much data to transmit as the rest of the information the monitor sends combined. When many cycle times are being transmitted the data will be broken into several transmissions. This means that when sending cycle times, one single data send could take up, 2, 3, 4 or more of the 80,000 available transmissions.

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What is the battery life of the monitor?

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