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How do I run diagnostics on a MAD Gateway?
How do I run diagnostics on a MAD Gateway?
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6/4/2018 2:15:04 AM
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6/4/2018 2:15:04 AM
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6/4/2018 2:15:04 AM

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Answer 1

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MAD gateway diagnostics can be run through the gateway's web interface or through the gateway's command line interface.

To run diagnostics using the gateway's web interface. Load the web interface by entering the gateway's IP address into the web browser of a computer that is on the same internal network as the gateway (i.e. The IP address can be found in multiple ways. Please see the corresponding article. Also, please note that the web interface is generally not available on gateways that are using a cellular connector. Once the web interface is loaded you will see instructions and a link for running a gateway diagnostic routine.

To run the diagnostic through the command line interface you must first login to the gateway directly. After logging in, at the command prompt, follow these steps.

Type in

“>rundiags” (without the " marks) and then press the “Enter” key

wait 10 seconds
type in
"nano Diagnostics.txt" then press the “Enter” key
The diagnostics information should come up.

Disregard date and time errors if there are any. The servers handle all dates / times for the data.

press control + x to exit out of the information