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How do I find the IP address of a MAD Gateway?
How do I find the IP address of a MAD Gateway?
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6/4/2018 10:28:35 PM
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6/4/2018 10:28:35 PM
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8/25/2018 8:48:37 AM

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Answer 1

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If the gateway is registered, can successfully connect to the server, and is functioning properly, you can scan the QR code on the gateway to retrieve the last used IP address. If this is not an option then you can manually login to the gateway to find this information.

If the gateway has been freshly booted, or you reboot it, you will often see the assigned IP address several lines above the login prompt. Otherwise, after logging in, at the command prompt, follow these steps.

Type in

The response will print on the screen and can include a large amount of information.

You should see one set of information (usually the top set and you may need to scroll up) labelled "eth0". This is the wired network adapter.

If you look in that "eth0" section eventually you find information labelled “HWaddr” or “ether” with the mac address listed.

If you are using wireless internet then view the information set labelled "wlan0" instead of "eth0".